Solar Power Solutions In India

Integrated Solar Power Solutions subsidiary of CBSL Group is being driven by a Team of Professionals, who has a very rich implementation experience in the area of ATMs. The company has a very vast all India support network of engineers which is essential in successful day to day operations.

While solar systems have been available in the market for quite some time, they have not been very successful banks and financial institutions. Most of this equipment installed have been purchased by the banks and it has been seen that after 5-6 months, due to lack of support and layers of dust settling on the panels, these systems get removed and lie in the branch premises as junk. These systems require a very strong bi-monthly PM (Preventive Maintenance) of every site to clean the PV panels, health check-up of batteries and testing of cables to ensure that energy generated is transferred in a very efficient manner to the equipment.

CBSL Group's Integrated Solar Power Solutions is based on monthly rentals only, where the rent is payable by the customer if the system work. Otherwise the Banks are free to ask the vendor for renewal of the system without any financial complications. This means that there are no risks to the banks and is without any capex involved. 

Proven Power Solutions in Rural & Semi Urban Bank ATMs:-

  •  No Capital Investment to Bank
  •  Pay Rent As Per Usage
  •  Remotely Monitored Solutions
  •  Higher Uptime Result in Higher Income to Banks
  •  Equipped With Intelligent Controller
  •  No Infrastructure Cost to Banks
  •  No AMC & Maintenance Cost of Banks

Solar Power Solutions In India