Pos Payroll Deduction

POS systems were introduced long ago as a replacement to traditional cash registers. Whereas cash registers were limited to only a few essential operational functions, point of sale (POS) software can be and has been developed without limits to include advanced features that have made traditional cash registers obsolete. ARBA Pro utilizes all of the latest POS technologies in our software.

One of the most significant functions developers have been able to implement into POS software is payroll deduction abilities. Payroll deductions POS systems have a wide range of uses. Whereas the first POS systems were nothing more than time clocks that counted hours, modern POS systems can compute cashless purchases. One of the most common uses of payroll deductions POS systems is found in hospital cafeterias, where workers are allowed to purchase meals, drinks, and snacks and have the cost deducted from their upcoming paychecks. However, payroll deductions POS systems aren’t limited to hospital cafeterias.  They’re usable in small business, corporations, privately owned establishments, coffee shops, salad bars, and more.

Offering payroll deductions opens a new stream of revenue for employers and gives employees a chance to eat between paychecks. Workers appreciate and frequently utilize payroll deductions POS systems when they’re out of money. This is especially true of establishments who pay their employees on a bi-weekly basis. After paying bills and buying whatever they need for home, many employees find themselves broke until the next payday.

Depending on the needs of your business and the POS package you purchase, modern POS systems are capable of accepting multiple cashless payment methods. Of course, the most common cashless payments are in the form of credit and debit cards. There are also other cashless payment methods, such as direct billing, payroll deductions, and prepaid gift cards. Cashless payments can even come in the form of a custom tender. This form of payment is often seen in hotels, where the hotel can charge your room account for other purchases during your stay.

Hospitals often use employee badges to accept cashless payments. Payroll deductions POS systems can receive payments by scanning barcodes, reading magnetic stripes, using pads that can be tapped with a card, keypads that accept input (such as an employee ID number), and Near Field Communications for payment with smartphones. The POS systems of today are indeed sophisticated and practical.

Credit and debit card transactions (and other forms of payment) can take several days or longer to be approved. However, payroll deductions are immediate sources of revenue for the employer, because the money comes straight out of the employee’s paycheck. Once the payroll employee’s profile is created within the POS software, payroll deductions can begin right away. Additionally, all payroll functions can be consolidated and managed in the POS system, and federal/state reports can be generated with the simple click of a button.

Maximum limit purchases, employee discounts, and a wide range of other policy decisions can also be implemented on our payroll deductions POS systems. ARBA Pro Retail Systems has the perfect solutions for all payroll deductions POS systems for establishments of all scopes and sizes.

Pos Payroll Deduction