It Solutions Toronto

It Solutions Toronto

At Pace Technical, we are one of the most trusted IT companies in Toronto, ON. We offer full-time IT support and outsourced information technology services. Our IT experts are committed to helping your business through the application of information, automation, and team education. Contact us today at 905-763-7896 for your IT solutions in Toronto.

IT Solutions We Provide

Let the team at Pace Technical provide you with the best IT solutions you need to increase your profit and focus on growing your business. We are some of the IT services we provide: 

Managed It Services

At Pace Technical, we offer managed IT services for small and mid-sized businesses in Toronto. Our Managed IT customers will receive a comprehensive and scalable product that works effectively. We take a strategic approach by interviewing you to learn about your business needs. Then we implement the appropriate managed IT services as seamlessly as possible. We deliver value by letting you concentrate on your business success while controlling costs and reducing downtime.

Cloud Services

In this age of flexible work hours and spaces, our Cloud service makes it easy for businesses to log in to their computer on any device. The team at Pace Technical can help companies transform their IT environment with top-notch Cloud Computing Services. Our experts deliver effective and efficient cloud computing services that give organizations a competitive edge. Our cloud solutions let organizations reduce their IT resource and improve productivity to lower costs and reduce time-to-market. 


At Pace Technical, we understand that cybersecurity is about protecting your entire system from cyber-attack. Our systemic approach to cybersecurity can support you in addressing risk and meeting legislative requirements, whether you’re responsible for developing security software or maintaining the security of your business networks. 

Business Continuity

Disruptions are unpredictable in any business. At Pace Technical, we are committed to safeguarding the best interests of our clients in the event of a disruption or emergency. We offer Business Continuity Plan as part of our ongoing planning efforts to alleviate or mitigate the risks inherent in unexpected business interruptions.

Comanaged IT Services

We provide comanaged IT programs to supplement your IT team. Using our comanaged IT support services as a foundation, our IT team can take complete control of your in-house IT and spend enough time on your top-priority items while also ensuring the efficiency and security of your infrastructure. You will get peace of mind with our monitoring and infrastructure and prepare your business for the future.

Contact Us For Help

At Pace Technical, we offer you a customizable IT service that is cost-effective, consistent, and transparent. Our experts and architects have experience and certifications in many areas. We constantly evolve our IT services through innovative automation solutions and efficient projects. At the same time, we focused on training and upskilling our employees to make sure that we delivered the right IT solution that meets our clients’ needs. Reach out to us at 905-763-7896 to book a meeting and discuss your IT needs.

It Solutions Toronto