Electrical Estimating Software Prices

Electrical Estimating Software Prices

Electrical estimating software is now a must-have tool for all electrical contractors. It helps you create detailed estimates of your projects even with minimal knowledge of electrical estimation. Once you can create detailed estimates, you're automatically in a better position to charge what you're truly worth. If you're yet to start using any electrical estimating software, you should know you're missing an important weapon in your arsenal. And we're ready to help you change that.

Best Bids boast a line of electrical estimating apps that can satisfactorily cater to all your electrical estimating needs. Aside from these apps' unmatched accuracy, they're quite user-friendly, and they give you all you need to produce proper bids. So, if you're looking for a leading software for electrical estimators and bids, you can rest assured Best Bids has something for you.

How much does electrical estimating software cost? 

Typically, electrical estimating software costs anywhere between $500-$4000 annually. The pricing typically depends on the manufacturers and may not be a true reflection of the program's capabilities. Before investing in any software, you should carefully examine the features and ascertain what you need to make your electrical estimations easier and faster.

For example, Best Bid Hybrid Pro comes at $1995.95 for the full purchase, and it offers numerous outstanding features. Even higher-priced electrical estimating apps struggle to match Best Bid Pro's offerings! Below are a few of the superior benefits you'll get from investing in Best Bids Pro:

  • One-time fee for life; no monthly subscription fees and no hidden costs.
  • Free technical support.
  • Unlimited license.
  • Lifetime updates.
  • Interest-free financing for contractors who cannot afford the one-time payment.
  • The app is completely offline. So, you can carry out your estimations anywhere, including remote sites with poor internet.
  • Highly flexible and versatile software that will suit your style of estimating.
  • Large database of estimates that you can share with other Best Bid users.

For those who feel $2000 is too much to spend on electrical estimating software, it's vital to understand that the best electrical estimating apps pay for themselves after a few projects. They provide you with all you need to create consistent and accurate bids at all times. Plus, you get to fulfill electrical estimates 70% faster than when you do it manually. Having this advantage can be crucial to winning mouth-watering electrical installation and repair contracts.

Check out other software packages and pricing 

If you cannot afford the Best Bid Hybrid Pro at the moment, the Best Bid HybridBest Bid, Digi Count, and Accura-CADD are cheaper options you can explore. Although these apps may not boast the full range of advanced features that Best Bid Hybrid Pro possesses, they can still cater to the estimating needs of most electrical contractors.

Alternatively, you can consider renting the Best Bid Rental Plan. You'll pay $250 to create your account and a monthly rental fee of $65. Our interest-free financing options are also available for interested contractors. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured of our unwavering commitment to helping you.

Contact Best Bid today to explore the best electrical estimating software on the market today or visit our website to download the free trial version.


Electrical Estimating Software Prices