Best corporate cell phone plans

Best corporate cell phone plans

Connects Wireless offers the best corporate cell phone plans in BC. Every day, we provide Canadian entities of all scope and size with a single point of contact for all of their cellular needs, and we can do the same for your organization. Connects Wireless also offers guaranteed monthly bill reviews for accuracy assurance and money-saving tips alongside world-class customer support around the clock. With technology changing at breakneck speed, it’s essential to partner with a reliable company like Connects Wireless, who is known for providing the best corporate cell phone plans that will streamline your workflow and keep your business on the cutting-edge.

We live in unprecedented times. Entire industries, entities, and technologies are coming in going in the blink of an eye. With the business and technology environment ebbing and flowing so severely, having a partner who can keep you ahead of the curve is an invaluable resource.

At Connects Wireless, we emphasize three principals primarily:

1. Give our customers great products at
2. Affordable prices with
3. World-class customer support

Thinking About Creating a Corporate Account 

No business is too small or too large for Connects Wireless. Connects Wireless will get you set up and running with speedy overnight delivery so your team can be plugged in right away. Also, when you sign up with Connects Wireless, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having one monthly bill for everybody on your team. Offering the best corporate cell phone plans on the nation’s most reliable 4G network at the lowest market prices is what we do every day at Connects Wireless.

Your Bill Gets Smaller Each Month with Connects Wireless

Our monthly analysis and reviews allow us to decrease costs every month for our corporate partners and provide them with accurate bills each time. Of course, guaranteeing a precise statement every month is the least you should expect from Connects Wireless because we are known throughout the region for having the best corporate cell phone plans.

Carrier-grade PTT solutions

Connects Wireless carrier-grade PTT systems utilize smartphone technology by providing a downloadable app that supports our system across many mobile platforms. This app essentially allows subscribers to use their cell phones like walkie-talkies. Our carrier-grade PTT system gives individuals that ability to reach a group (in another room or section of the building) with the press of a button. This solution eliminates the need for repeated phone calls.
Mobile device management

Mobile device management is an excellent way for business owners and managers to make sure their employees remain productive and comply with company policies at all times. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops can be monitored with the implementation of the best corporate cell phone plans from Connects Wireless.

Trucking Log Solutions

Connects Wireless’s communications platform allows business owners and managers to track their fleet better, manage their logs, and have a single point of contact for all trucking management needs. For example, our trucking log solutions give you the following benefits:

  • Miles reporting
  • ECM data review
  • Automated workflow and navigation
  • An online maintenance management system
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Much, much more
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Best corporate cell phone plans

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