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The Win10PrivacyFix For PC is a program that gives the user the ability to prevent Microsoft to get some personal information, and provide resources to switch some options present in the new version of the operating system.

Even in the free version, those who download the program have access to options that integrate four categories: Tweak, System, and DataProtection Explorer. Each comes with a mission to switch a parameter of Windows 10, but three possibilities (Cortana, BingSearch and Taskbar Search) are only available to those who purchase the license.

To view any changes made (provided, of course, it is something visible), simply move the red key so that it is green. Did not like this clock in Windows 10, for example? Click the button indicated and you can view the resource as it was in Windows 7.

Other possibilities include the fact that the operating system does not restart after installing a new update, stop the trace information in Internet Explorer, disable the option to hibernate and many others.

Protection Factor

Whenever you activate something that can interfere with your shields, a blue circle on the right side will indicate the percentage defense. The program asks you to optimize the maximum options to reach 100%, but this is something we leave for you to decide if it is worth doing or if there are no problems in sharing some data with Microsoft (or even use present resources Widnows 10).

Win10PrivacyFix For PC

Review Of Win10PrivacyFix For PC

There is no doubt that many people have surrendered to the charms Windows 10, but would like to have some features present in other versions of the OS or even the ability to control some options present in the latest edition. If you are in this group, the Win10PrivacyFix For PC can be a great ally.

Even in the demo version, the user will have the possibility to check various resources present in the program. If you have fear of venturing into messing with options that deal with security, there are others that you can explore without fear, as it allows you to view the calendar and clock present in Windows 7 and others.

A detail worth mentioning is that all the changes are made automatically and, where possible, can be viewed as soon as the red button is enabled (this is indicated by color change, since it happens to be displayed in green). This goes further credibility to the program, since you can roll back something that has possibly made unintentionally in a few seconds.

Added to this, the Win10PrivacyFix is a lightweight program, and should not consume too much memory (either RAM or storage) computer. The only problem is that the demo version is active for only 30 days, and after that period you need to pay to continue using the program.

Download Win10PrivacyFix

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