WhatsApp New Update : Check Read Message Status With Blue Colored Tick Marks

The instant messaging application WhatsApp seems they are implementing the dual operation “check” blue on you device. This double “check” Blue tick appears when a user sends a voice message or a text message on WhatsApp when the recipient reads or hears, double “check” it turns blue.

In this new update of WhatsApp turns in the wake of complaints from users who say they have broken their relationship or are angry with someone because of seeing double “check” appears in conversations and do not respond. Now in addition to the double “check” (which as we know, means that the message has reached the destination), double “check” but blue, it means that that person has read or heard the message sent will appear. If this solves the problem or makes it even worse is what we do not know and apparently depend on each user.

Before Seen Gray Tick









After Seen Blue Tick


WhatsApp Update For Group Chat

1st Update: A few minutes after posting the article we have noticed another detail that was added. Apparently WhatsApp groups will now have double “check” to see if they have received all recipients. The best way to see it is with a catch that we leave then:

2nd update: We confirm that the double “check” Blue is being enabled on iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone course.

3rd update: We shelled the news it brings confirmation message WhatsApp, now if we click on a message that shows the option “Info” will show if selected when sending the message and the time has read, if it had been read. For the groups also shows that group members have read and what time..


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