How To Use Time Lapse Mode In iOS8 – iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

The new iOS 8 has come loaded with new features and one of them comes with the “Camera” application Apple that comes with new features . Among them there is a new feature that surely will love to all amateur photographers, as it will allow us to Time-Lapse of a very simple way.


The Time-lapse photography is a type of photography that occurs when the frame rate is lower than what is used for the sequence . When the picture is played back at normal speed, time appears to be faster. However, Time-Lapse is a pretty basic without too many options. Good compositions with this technique include cloudscapes, moving clouds, growing plants, cars driving on a busy intersection and people walking.

Using The Time Lapse Mode On Our iOS 8

Making this type of photography from your iPhone with iOS 8 is pretty easy. The first thing to do is open the camera application we already have on the device factory. Now we have to slide the screen to the left to activate the time-lapse.


Once you have accessed this mode on the camera, all you have to do is press the red button at the bottom of the screen or the volume buttons to start recording. It is very important to make a time-lapse shall subject the phone well , very well, but if we do not have very steady hands, it would be very good option to get a tripod for your phone.

In the video that accompanies these lines, we see candles they are consumed in a rather fast way (or so it seems. To achieve this fantastic effect, the video had to be recording for an hour and finally resulted in a second video 26 .

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