How To Use iPhone As A WiFi Router

Use your iPhone as a wifi router to provide Internet to another computer, for example, to a computer is easy. The process is very similar in all Apple phones, as well as being very intuitive, as is the case with most things in the signature block. It is a very useful tool when you need to use the Internet away from home or office and do not be near a public place that offers you an alternative. In Youth Plus India we give answer to the question of how to use my iPhone as a wifi router.


How To Use iPhone As A WiFi Router Instructions:

1. First of all, stress that to use your iPhone as a wifi router you have to have hired a data plan with your wireless carrier.

2. After verifying this information, you simply have to go to the ' Settings 'iPhone and then click on option' Internet Sharing '. Once inside, you will check the option, which causes the button is green.

3.Now your phone visible and appear as wifi router . The name that you have to identify is the one with your phone, usually something like this: yourname iPhone.

4. In addition, there will be a password that only can be whoever you want to connect. You can change the default key that appears, simply click on the phrase ' Wi-Fi Password '.

5. Now, all the steps are completed on your phone iPhone to function as wifi router . Next you will go to your computer and, in general networking settings, locate the wireless network that carries the name of your mobile. Then you enter the password and you'll have the Internet provided by your iPhone.

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