How To Use And Activate ‘Instant Hotspot’ between iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite

Another innovation that has come in what Apple has termed generically  Continuity is Instant Hotspot or the ability to share the Internet with your Mac your iPhone quickly, easily and automatically without having to enable the “Internet Sharing” settings our iDevice.

Enabling Instant Hotspot

If anything characterizes Apple is making things seem to us as easy as possible and one of the best examples we see it again with  Instant Hotspot to activate it and use it really does not have to do anything but keep in mind certain aspects, namely:

  • Both teams you intend to use Instant Hotspot must be registered under the same Apple ID for iCloud
  • On both computers, Mac and iPhone (or iPad), must be enabled both WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Of course, both devices must be compatible with  Instant Hotspot  and run under iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite accordingly.

For the Mac, all computers are compatible with Bluetooth LE since 2012. You can check it from the menu bar apple → About This Mac → System Report.

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How To Use And Activate 'Instant Hotspot' between iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite

Using Instant Hotspot

Well as I said, once you’ve checked the above and not to do anything. If you do not have WiFi in the place in which you find yourself working with your Mac simply be enabled WiFi and Bluetooth both your Mac and your iPhone to start using  Instant Hotspot . Attend the networking symbol of the menu bar on your Mac and you’ll see there’s your iPhone, ready for you to press on it and connect.

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