How To Uninstall Ask Toolbar On Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Installed the Ask Toolbar unintentionally? If you have gone through this, your browser will undergo a change and displays one of the following:

The “Ask Toolbar” not cause any damage, but it’s not the most pleasant thing to see, or to deal with. She arrives to your computer surreptitiously, marshaled by third-party software, and bothers more than help. Once installed, it sets the as your default search engine and home page, without notice. It is very easy to install it by mistake, especially if you just click “Next” and / or “OK” during installation of programs until you reach the last screen.

Fortunately, it is not so difficult to get rid of the Ask Toolbar, whatever your browser Preferred Web.

In the future, keep in mind that when you install something, it’s always good to choose the “custom” method that many programs offer. This way you can choose not to install so-called “opt-ins” – automatic installation options, such as toolbars or other items that are not part of the desired program, you do not want on your PC .


Removing the Ask toolbar

The gets very negative feedback – and rightly so, because of the automatic installation without people to choose for it.

The company’s answer to the problem that she created was to develop and distribute free the Ask Toolbar Remover (the Ask toolbar remover), giving people the opportunity to choose to uninstall the software. The Ask Toolbar Remover is light, simple and works as intended.

Step 1: Download the remover.

Click this link to download the Ask Toolbar Remover.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file

Close all open browser windows and click the box that is to the left of the Ask toolbar. Then, select the “Remove” option (remove) the bottom of the pop-up window that appears. Then restart the computer.

Removing all traces of the Ask Toolbar Google Chrome

Step 1:
Open Chrome and click the button with the three small horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the window.

Then click on “Settings” and check the last round of the item “Start” to set your desired home page. Soon after, click “Configure page” and type a web address to your homepage.

Step 2:

Sometimes the Ask toolbar automatically installs an extension in your browser. To get rid of this extension, click the button with the three horizontal bars as you did before, and then click the “Tools” menu and sub menu “Extensions”.

You will see a list of all extensions that are running in Chrome.

If there is any extension of Ask, clear the “Enable” box in the line it is.
Step 3:
You may also have to change your search preferences. Return to the “Settings” menu. Set the option of your choice in the “search engine used in the omnibox search” in the first line of the sub menu “Search”.

Removing all traces of Mozilla Firefox Ask Toolbar

Step 1:
If your Firefox is an older version, start your browser and click the orange Firefox button in the upper left corner. In the latest version of the browser, you must click a like button with the Chrome with three horizontal lines, also located in the upper right corner of the browser.

Step 2:
Then select “Options”, click the “General” tab in the upper left corner, and change your home page settings, as desired. Click “OK” when finished.

Step 3:
As with Chrome, you may also need to change your search engine . In the search box at the top of the Firefox window, click the icon of the current search engine button to the left, and select “Manage Search Engines …”, which will open the search engines manager.

In search engines manager, there will be a list. If you find the word “Ask” in this list, select it and click Delete. After deletion, the word Ask must have disappeared:

How to manually uninstall the Ask Toolbar

If the Ask Toolbar Remover fails for any reason, or if you simply prefer to uninstall the old way software, this is the method you should use:
On the start screen of Windows 8, type “programs” and click “Programs and Features” when it becomes available. Under “Programs and Features” if you find anything with the words “”, click on your findings and then go to “Uninstall / Change” at the top to remove the program from your computer.

You can use Ctrl + F and type “Ask” to search for the term. If the search does not find any results, you are free to the Toolbar!

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