How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Macbook Mouse

Use your iPhone as a mouse! This is one of the things I like about Apple is that having several of its products allows you to integrate them in a thousand ways. One of these is to use the screen of your iPhone as a mouse for your Macbook and thus save a few dollars (if not many).

How to turn your iPhone into a Mouse?

In reality, the process is very simple, we just have to get off 2 applications, one for Mac and one for the iPhone:

– Movile Mouse Server (Mac): Link
– Mouse Lite (for iPhone): Link

Note: It should be noted that it is necessary that both your Mac and iPhone share the same WiFi signal. Another method might radiate your iPhone to your Mac WiFi.

How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Macbook Mouse

Once you have both installed all you have to do is activate both. You will see that the top of the Mac an icon appears in the form of mouse emitting a signal. With that you will be indicating that it was linked to your iPhone.

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