Transmit iOS Is Now Available For iPhone And iPad

It is available in the App Store, the App Store Apple’s new application with which you can manage the files you have on the server via FTP or other protocols, directly from your iPhone and iPad , is the application Transmit iOS .

Transmit Features For iOS Devices

Thanks to the Transmit application for iPhone and iPad you can enjoy the following features:

  • Managing files remotely : You can enter your server, upload, download, rename, edit permissions, create folders. Do it all.
  • Share, save and load files from your iOS device : Quickly send a picture, audio file or use any iOS application that uses the standard blade system “Share” to your Mac or directly to the server.
  • Connect to FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and S3 : full support for all transmission protocol suite, is now available for all iOS users.
  • Transfer Twin-Turbo Engine : full power output transfer is available, even while Transmit is in the background.
  • Drag & Drop : You can use the drag and drop technique on the iPad, using local remote left and right, which is useful to drag more than one file.
  • Edit documents with supported third-party applications : third party applications compatible with iOS 8 and they implement the new iCloud document selector will have instant access to Transmit as source files. Open and save files in these applications Transmit broadcast changes.
  • Synchronization with panic : you can synchronize your servers and credentials Panic Transmit and keep them updated between iOS and Coda (Coda 2.5 required)
    Ready for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus : Looks great on any screen size.


What is Transmit iOS For iPhone And iPad?

If you’re looking for a way to  access from your iPhone or iPad to an FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon S3 server server , for example, manage your Web, a collaboration group, use it as a storage service personal cloud or similarly. Transmit iOS lets you connect to that server and manage all your files , as expected, can transfer, create new folders, rename, delete, set permissions and more.

Also, thanks to the power of 8 and iOS extensions with Transmit iOS also lets you share standard blades . That means you can now upload photos directly to your SFTP server, or share a voice memo podcast directly to Amazon S3. It is incredibly powerful.

Also for iOS compatible 8 you can use applications like iWork to open a document directly from your server. And when you save, will also be uploaded to your server again. In other words, you can  use your server as your own storage service in the cloud .


Transmit Download iOS for iPhone and iPad

If you have not yet downloaded this app on your iPhone and iPad, you can install it via direct download link you’ll find below.

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