Torch Web Browser Download For Windows PC

Torch Browser is a web browser optimized for downloading files from the Web. This has a built-in torrent client that will facilitate fast and efficient transfers.

Since it is based on Google Chrome , this software will be familiar to those who use the search engine above. In addition, it retains all its functions as presented in the original program.

The distinguishing factor of this proposal is its superior ability to download torrent from Chrome . In this sense, completes its offer with a special device to download multimedia content from the Internet. Meanwhile, accelerator includes useful documents for faster transfers.

Additionally, Torch Browser will give you the opportunity to share the results on Facebook and Twitter. This is because the browser has an integrated access to both social networks.

For all these reasons, low Torch Browser and devote yourself to download music, videos and content from the web with the best technology.

• Web browser optimized for downloading files
• Provides the same functions that Google Chrome
• Built Customer torrent
• Includes a download accelerator

• Requires a very good connection to function properly

Torch Browser


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