TextPad For Windows And Mac PC

TextPad – convenient and practical text editor from Helios Software Solutions, which boasts versatility, nice and intuitive interface and more features. With it, you can open and edit text documents of any amounts, can work with files with long names. Among the features editor also has a spell check, alignment and replacement text. This program is a great tool for editing web pages, has many useful tools and features, small footprint and does not load the system.

According to its convenience and functionality of the app resembles the many programs UltraEdit. The program is convenient to edit and edit the text, search for errors, format and typeset text. It can work with several documents, draw text automatically. In app is handy manager that simplifies working with files. When working in the editor, you can always undo, and rollback capabilities are almost limitless, so you always get back to a point of formatting.

Features Of TextPad

In the program, you can move the characters, words and lines, change case, leveling entire blocks of text, format paragraphs and correct printing errors. With this editor you can easily create and edit large amounts of text information, it provides support for macros and viewer of binary code. Download TextPad and take full advantage of this convenient graphic editor can do everything, because it works on almost all computers that do not require special PC configurations, works on all popular operating systems Windows.

The advantages of the application include the fact that it supports 32-bit and 64-bit systems, so it can run on older computers, and the new. Thanks to software interface and easy navigation, the program is easy to work and not have to spend time learning its functionality and features. TextPad can be downloaded free of charge, and see firsthand in all its merits, creating and formatting text files. The new version of the identified deficiencies have been corrected and the errors of earlier versions have been added new features and improved her work.


Working in the editor, you can use the tabs to compare files. As noted above, the program supports macros that allows you to save as a macro most used combinations of commands. One problem with many text editors is reset cursor position after closing, so if the formatting was somewhere in the middle, then find the right place sometimes quite difficult. This program provides the ability to restore the interrupted work in the place where the user has completed the last session. In general, this text editor is quite convenient and practical tool for processing text.


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