How To Synchronize Your Files In The iCloud – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The cloud . We’ve heard it many times. This invisible space on the Internet. In it, we store our files, share with others and we have all our information on any device at the time, provided we have an Internet connection.
If Dropbox, if Evernote, Google Drive … Apple also has its cloud service. His name? iCloud Technology and now one on one teach you what it is and how we can use it to make our day a little easier.

What is iCloud?

The simplest definition of iCloud is to imagine a hard drive. A space with a capacity of 5GB . We have it, but is not on our computer nor in mobile or tablet. It is far from us remote server somewhere.
That space intelligently synchronizes, and without us having to do anything, the information we want . Documents, music, photos, data applications … Each user has 5GB free, and if we want to expand the option to pay.

The interesting thing about iCloud is functioning. Everything happens in the background without us having to worry copy or paste. The cloud, and our teams, organize everything as you have asked. Quietly and making our lives a little easier.

iCloud service that works across all Mac devices so if you have a Mac, an iPhone and an iPad will be maximum synchronization between all devices. From other devices such as Android or Windows Phone, we can not.

How To Configure iCloud

ICloud launch is as simple as its operation. From Mac, just have to go to the settings menu and then go to the section of iCloud. Subsequently, we select what apps to sync and which not. It’s that easy.

When we keep the changes, iCloud will be operational putting everything we have said in the cloud. If iOS, both iPhone and iPad within the settings menu have a menu. The options are the same, mark the documents and applications ready.

For iPhone or iPad, the list will be larger as more applications use this service to store our documents, game scores, etc. This is especially if our mobile and tablet are brand apple.

Finally, from the browser, we can go to the iCloud website and manage all our information in the cloud from there.


Things You Can Do With iCloud And Perhaps Did Not Know

iCloud is not only to synchronize our data. We can also give you more uses. For example, we can make backup copies of applications and games on your iPhone or iPad for, if we have to delete all, we can restore in minutes.

It also allows us to have our synchronized between mobile and tablet applications. It is particularly useful if you are writing notes or using the same applications on both sides.

Finally, thanks to iCloud we can find our iPhone or iPad if lost. The cloud will help us, if the device is connected to the Internet, know where. Moreover, to avoid privacy problems, we can remove all information remotely.

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