Snapper Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Snapper is a tool that allows you to better organize your desktop creating split screen layouts.

With this, you can go switching your windows between certain spaces and never lose the standard of organization. This is interesting because you work faster even having to deal with several different programs simultaneously bringing content from one window to another and so on.

The tool allows you to create several different patterns of organization, from the prefixed by Snapper own until done manually. Whenever you create a new division on the screen, a blue line appears, and you can move it to resize the new space at will.


To start using the Snapper you only need to start it and check out the Tips screen. Then you have gained a basic division, with two spaces separated by a vertical line. On this line, you will give some icons that allow you to create more horizontal divisions (the first) or vertical (2nd).

There is also a button to delete all divisions (3rd) and the other to minimize all windows (4th). You should be aware settings shortcut still (5). With that done, you should now click with the right mouse button on each space created and choose which windows open on each of them.

When finished the organization of spaces for your windows, click the second last icon (6) to complete and maintain the scheme.


Review Of Snapper

Snapper is a good solution for those who need to work with many windows open at the same time in Windows, but does not like to waste time adjusting each. This can take time and exhaust your patience quickly. This app can solve this by allowing the creation of windows positioning schemes in which you can put on and take any program with ease.

The app may seem strange at first, but in two minutes, you just pulls out how everything works and starts to use it with agility and speed. There are even some keyboard shortcuts to handle the program without having to access its interface all the time. You can even customize these shortcuts.

left space
However, the program has a small flaw that makes wasting space on your screen. Whenever you apply a new division, the blue line that demarcates the space does not allow the windows remain touching each other. When you minimize the snapper, the space occupied by these lines are empty, leaving a look weird. Otherwise, your windows could show more information if this does not happen.

Even with this problem, we can say that it is worth doing a test with Snapper and check how it works.

Snapper Download

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