How To Set Up Bluetooth On The iPhone

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that has become very popular among the mobile users and computers. Bluetooth provides a limited range of wireless connectivity that not only allows users to sync between devices or computers, but also allows the connection of external tools. The Apple iPhone comes with Bluetooth in built, meaning you can comfortably and easily use a wireless headset to work with your phone, once created it.


How To Set Up Bluetooth On The iPhone Instructions

1. On the home screen of your iPhone , click “Settings” and select “General”. Tap “Bluetooth” and press the slider to activate Bluetooth.

2. To connect the device with the iPhone Bluetooth , turn on the device and make sure it is in discoverable mode. The device must be at most 2 meters from your iPhone.

3. Your iPhone should find and recognize the device. When you do, tap the name of your device in the iPhone screen and select it.

4. Enter the password. Tap the “Connect” button on your iPhone to complete the process of connecting via bluetooth .


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