How To Send Your Location By WhatsApp

When the wave of instant messengers began, with its main representative being the late MSN Messenger (or “Windows Live Messenger”, as it was known then), even photos of profiles were rare. Then webcam? For the few. Today, with the popularity of smartphones and WhatsApp, everything became much easier and affordable – and as we are talking about mobile devices, its location happens to make a difference.

Been in a bar chatting with a friend by WhatsApp and wanted to call you to go to the location but did not know how to explain the route to it? Do not worry, just send your location and ready, your friend’s maps application will plot the best route for him.


Today you will learn how to send your location to WhatsApp contacts. Follow our step by step below and learn how to:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Start WhatsApp application on your mobile device from the Home screen or application list. If you do not already have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. After installation, you must set up your profile using your phone number.

For that, on first use, the app requires that the number is confirmed. At this point, you must enter your phone number and WhatsApp automatically sends an SMS to the given device, so check the number of authenticity to prevent others from using it.

With WhatsApp installed and configured, we will access it by tapping its icon (image).

Step 2: Go to the menu Talk options

Now that WhatsApp is open, locate the conversation in your contact list and tap on it.

Then tap on the button “Attach”  , represented by a clip, in the WhatsApp toolbar. You will see six different options Annex . From this menu, you can enter photos, videos, audios, take a picture with the camera or to send a contact. But the option that we demand comes from a map, the “Location” button  . Tap on it to go to location selection screen.

Step 3: Choosing the location

By clicking on the “Location” button on the attachment options menu, you will be taken to the location selection window, ie, the next step is to define where its correct location to send to your contact.
How To Send Your Location By WhatsApp 3

The first thing we see on this screen is the map. WhatsApp will attempt to automatically detect your location based on GPS or active connections. You can find the location that is the name   and if the location is out of date, request that the detection site is updated  . If you want to send to your contact location automatically detected by WhatsApp, tap on the button “Send your current location”  , which also informs the location accuracy rate map. Below this button, the app also offers facilities and places nearby options  such as restaurants and hospitals. When you tap on one of them, you send this location to your contact. If that your friend does not know where is the bar where you are, just look for the bar in the list of places near and ready!

When you complete the site of attachment, a balloon appears with the location name and address, as well as a map icon. When your contact touch on this message, it will be taken to the standard application of the device maps, that can deliver the navigation to the location. With WhatsApp, now it’s hard to lose your friends!

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