How To Send Emails With Attachments Up To 5GB With Mail Drop Yosemite

We often need to send one or more files via email but they are greater than the maximum space available . A remedy to this type of problem may be the sharing of a cloud storage exterior but is a process often long and inconvenient to use, especially for the recipient. With the new application in OS X Mail Yosemite and Mail Drop is now possible to send attachments up to 5 GB.

The new function is managed entirely by an automated process and leverages the power of your iCloud account in order to fulfill its purpose.

Simply open the Mail app Yosemite and follow the normal process of writing an e-mail by entering the recipient’s address and filling out the body of the text. When you want to attach the file too big dragging it to the window of the app, the system itself will warn you that the file exceeds the allowable size of suggesting you use Mail Drop.

The recipient will get a download link that’ll be valid for thirty days, the limit enforced by Apple.

The only drawback is that Mail Drop function is activated automatically when a file exceeds the maximum allowed size for sending e-mail and you can also set a lower limit to force the activation.


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