How To Restore Windows 8

Are you tired / a notice that your PC does not work as before? The process of restoration of an operating system returns your computer to an earlier time with all the settings (programs, facilities, etc.) that had at that earlier time. Do you dare to try? It’s simple. In we explain step by step all the keys on how to restore Windows 8 to get the most out of your PC.

How To Restore Windows 8 Step By Step:

1. First, close all programs and windows that you have open on your computer. It is important that you have no active process to restore your system.

2. If you put your mouse on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, a white field works as open finder . In it you have to insert the words you want to search.

3. The third step is to write in the white field PC Settings and select those words in the list that is displayed below.

4. Then click on the penultimate option Update and recover . This choice gives you the option of recovering your operating system Windows 8. You are about to end!

5. In this new screen, click the third option Recovery . To the right are three options will appear. The first indicates Restore your PC without affecting your files . this will allow you to leave your recovered without backing up your storage machine.

6. Now click on Start to restore Windows 8 on your computer. As you can see it is a process that will not take you more than five minutes. After your machine will be responsible for processing the orders you have given.

7. The last screen is merely informative. A window will tell you that is the process of restoring your PC . The system tells you that files and customized settings will be unchanged, the computer will have the default values ​​he had in his day and finally applications store Windows 8 will not be deleted. Click on Finish to start the process your machine.

How To Restore Windows 8

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