How To Reset Your iPhone If You Forget Your Lock Code

Forgot your security code and do not know what to do? If your iPhone is locked and you can not access the code, it is best format of the mobile phone. Yes, after completing the process, your iPhone will be as fresh from the factory. So, all you hold back, images, applications, videos, etc., will be eliminated. Therefore, it is important to perform backups regulamente. Read this article and find out how to Reset Your iPhone If You Forget Your Lock Code.

How To Reset Your iPhone If You Forget Your Lock Code

How To Reset Your iPhone If You Forget Your Lock Code Instructions:

1. To format a locked iPhone for a security code will need to have the latest version of iTunes and a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer.

2.The first step to restore the iPhone is off, remember to do so must hold down the lock button (top button) until the 'Shutdown' option appears.

3.With the phone turned off, press the Home Button, while tighten, connect the USB cable to the terminal, of course, the computer. You'll see your iPhone screen goes blank and automatically starts iTunes mode. When this happens, you can stop pressing the button. If the Home button on your mobile phone does not work, you can fix it yourself by following these steps.

4.Now is the time to open iTunes. It is very important that you do not open it before this step. You see, without moving, iTunes detects your iPhone is in recovery mode and restore you advised. Press 'OK' and then click 'Restore iPhone'.

5.A window, tap on 'Restore and Update' to continue restoring your iPhone locked appears. Now the restore process can take nearly a minute start, even an hour. Remember that you can not disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

6.It is very important that during this process do not touch anything for iTunes or your iPhone. You will see the screen of the mobile is changing because it is synchronized with the program to restore. When the process is complete a window will inform you that your iPhone has been successfully restored, press 'OK' will open.

7.You will see that your iPhone is still working, do not touch anything. When the bar that appears on the screen of the mobile is complete, it will turn on and the word 'Hello' appear, you must follow the steps to set it up again.

8.After activating the location, it will ask if you want to back up or leave it just left the factory, choose the option of leaving again. Enter your Apple account, you agree to the terms and you will see a screen to reset the security code. Now you can enter the code you want.

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