How To Rename Multiple Files At Once

Hello friends! Have you ever engaged in such drudgery as renaming many files?

Today I’ll tell you how to get rid of this lengthy procedure literally in a couple of mouse clicks. There are two ways: simple and very simple). At first analyze a simpler version, using Explorer Windows. By the way, if you need to resize multiple images at once.

How To Rename Multiple Files At Once

How To Rename Multiple Files At Once Step By Step

Suppose you have a folder with lots of photos or audio files and to rename. Select all the files. You can do this manually or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A .

Click on the keyboard function key F2 and enter the name of the first file .

Press Enter, and all other files will be renamed automatically. To the name of the first file system assigns the next sequential number.

Practically the same, with more advanced features can be done using the file manager Total Commander.

Run the program and select the files you want to rename. Using proven key combination Ctrl + A .

Go to the “File” menu and select the item “Batch rename” . Or key combination Ctrl + M.

Set the parameters of group rename. In the “Mask: Filename” specify the desired name (in my example is the “Photo”, then I put the blank). Click ” [C] Counter “.

Now all files will have the same name and a different serial number. If necessary, you can set the parameter counter, specifying the desired number of digits. When the parameters are set, click “Run” .

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