How To Remove iStartSurf (Search Protect) From Computer

The iStart is a malware / spyware that many people end up installing unwittingly to download and install any software without paying much attention to those items that are selected during the process. The problem is that he ends up compromising machine performance, leaving all very slow operation. And to complete, the companies behind this type of software leave very complicated removal process.


In this tutorial we will teach you the easiest way to remove once and for all the iStart your computer.

First we have to download the AdwCleaner . This is a very simple software and will make 90% of the work for us.

Step 1
After downloading the AdwCleaner, nor is it necessary to install, simply open the program. Once open, click Examine  and he will begin to do a search for malware / spyware.

Step 2
Once completed, select all the items in the results list and then click Clear.

Step 3
Continue clicking OK and then restarting the computer is required.

Step 4
At this point we have completed 90% of the removal of this threat. The last step is to change the search engine browser to your preference. To do this, go to the Settings your browser and click Manage search engines .

Step 5
Finally, choose your search engine, making it the default. We selected the Google. Finally, remove the iStartSurf clicking Delete.

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