How To Remove Or Delete Recent Contacts Multitasking iPhone and iPad iOS 8

The arrival of iOS 8, ​​the new mobile operating system to all supported Apple mobile devices has led to the introduction of several features and changes that have come to complete the first changes introduced by the Californian firm with the previous version, iOS 7 Without But there are some of these features that many users have liked and did not want to take, one of them are shortcuts to contacts, then show you how to remove them .


The New iOS Multitasking 8 Includes Contacts And Recent Apps

One of the new features introduced by Apple last year in its mobile operating system, iOS 7 , was the way through which we are able to manage our multitasking on mobile devices compatible with this version of software. Since then, twice in succession when you press on the home button we can see the applications you have open and a small window showing us a preview of them.

Now, with the introduction of iOS in August Apple decided to use the remaining space on top of multitasking to add a new feature to its iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) that will allow users to be faster when contact other users with whom you usually talk often. We talked about the shortcuts to contacts of multitasking , with this features we can see our recent contacts on top of multitasking, whenever you double-click a Home button.

Thanks to the shortcuts to contacts of multitasking we can click on the icon for each of the recent contacts and we can quickly access options such as iMessages start a conversation or make a voice call or FaceTime.


How To Remove Or Delete Recent Contacts Multitasking iPhone and iPad iOS 8

Although this feature is quite practical and useful for many users, there are others who want to turn it off and do not know how. For this reason, then, we leave you with a short and simple tutorial with which you can remove the multitask recent contacts quickly and easily, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

For this simply have to go to:

Settings  > Mail, Contacts, calend.  >  Contacts  >  In the Application Chooser

At is point we can choose whether we want or not display recent contacts, simply deactivating or activating the selector indicating Recent , disabling the recent contacts of multitasking this will stay like iOS 7 and no longer displayed on the part top of it the last contacts with whom we have spoken.

Obviously, if you want to re- activate the recent contacts to be displayed in your multitasking iPhone and iPad , you simply have to follow the pass wet used to disable it.

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