Puneet Issar Out Of Big Boss 8

Why Its Happen?

Puneet Issar aka Duryodhan of Mahabharat continues to be ousted in the display as he was charged of utilizing bodily stress on co-contestant Aarya Babbar.

The news headlines arrived to all of the participants like Gautam who smashed down after reading the news headlines of the removal of Puneet in the display like a shock. Questionable fact show Bigg Boss never ever misses an opportunity to entertain audiences. Right after a fascinating episode exactly where the spotlight was hogged by Karishma Tanna on her techniques that are selfish, it is time for you to see another surprise in the occurrence of today. Sources advise that all through a luxurious spending budget job ‘Unchi Hai Building‘ housemates have been split into two teams.



Group A, Praneet and Sonali, Pritam Puneet, Sushant whilst Group B had incorporated respectively. The job necessary 1 group at the same time to construct a structure from the blocks that had been given. As the group constructs the structure as broad while the wooden foundation to them stacking up the blocks 1 by 1 upon one particular another, simultaneously provided a single-member in the very same group was necessary to constantly turn a big metallic wheel subsequent to the constructing web site. From achieving the job, the alternative group needed to disturb them. Group A was the quite 1st group to start the job.

Just the job began Aarya from group B prevents Puneet from shifting it and went. Puneet gets really annoyed as of charges towards Aarya and this while getting along him on the floor utilizing his bodily power. The job wants to be halted mid way as directed by Bigg Manager. Injured and surprised, Aarya starts at Puneet requesting him yelling, even though carrying out the job, how he can use his bodily energy.

Simply because of the event, Bigg Biss states that Puneet’s conduct with Aarya was extraordinary and collects all of the housemates throughout the night inside the dwelling spot. Puneet it is requested to pack his carrier and leave speedily and gets disqualified in the home. Gautam, that has been truly near to Puneet was observed crying after the leave of Puneet whilst the latter was his assistance program in the residence. He handles not to to expose his psychological aspect to other participants despite the fact that, Gautam stops operating crying.

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