Prior feared his career was over after routine Achilles operation turned serious

London, Sep 11 (ANI): England wicketkeeper batsman Matt Prior feared that his cricket career was over after the routine Achilles operation on his left leg last week became serious after his surgeon found a giant tear up the middle of his tendon.

Prior said that it was like going to see the doctor for a sprained ankle and being told that ‘you have got a double break’.

But the injury explained why Prior found life so painful trying to do his day job and was unable to find the explosive range of movement a top stumper needs, as it is the sort of injury that ends careers, The Mirror reported.

However, after battling throughout the summer and playing on without knowing the full extent of the damage, Prior is now gearing up for the toughest fight of the lot, and trying to come back.


Prior said that when he woke up, the first person he saw was the England physio Ben Langley, and added that he just took one look at his face and the first thing he said was that is never playing cricket again.

The wicketkeeper batsman said that he knew at that moment it hadn’t been as straightforward as they had hoped, and added that it turns out they found a three-inch tear, a centimetre wide, running up the middle of his Achilles tendon.

He said that he was shocked and so was the surgeon who apparently said during the operation that no wonder Prior was ‘whingeing’.

Prior said that when he was playing, he knew he was sore. But, added that one manages the pain and cracks on because they are playing for England and that means everything. (ANI)

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