PDF-XChange Viewer For Windows PC

PDF-XChange Viewer – a multifunctional handy program from Tracker Software Products Ltd, which provides a simple work with PDF-documents. The main function of the program is to view documents, but it has great features for processing and editing. It has a nice, friendly and most importantly, the interface, and also supports the all language, so will be indispensable for all our countrymen. Moreover, it does not take up much space, do not load the system and can work in all modern operating systems.

This program is in its versatility like a free office suite LibreOffice, because it provides a lot of features and tools to enable processing, create and edit PDF-documents. The program also has an add-on for popular web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. Using this program you can easily add PDF-documents graphics, sticky notes do, or as they are called – stickers, enlarge text, add and edit notes, and the program can boast of a pretty handy tool “typewriter”.

The advantages of this viewer to add more functionality, simplicity, speed and ease of operation. PDF-documents can be exported to an image (the program supports extensions: jpeg, bmp, png and tiff). Download PDF-XChange Viewer and you can use it in commercial and personal use. In this program, you can quickly add comments, make notes, add text, graphics, etc. The program can work with tabs, which is quite convenient.

pdf-xchange-viewer-windows-pc-554511132145121324546512In creating or editing PDF-documents you can insert custom stamps, and you can paste them from the clipboard, or directly from any other PDF-file or image. From the window you can view the document, send it by email. The program will also be quite useful for translators and for those who study languages or faces is often necessary to translate the text or words, because it has the ability to integrate into popular programs such translators as Translate It! and ABBYY Lingvo. The program supports javascript, is easy to navigate through multi-page PDF-documents.

Using this viewer, you can view multiple documents, and it can be viewed even encrypted PDF-documents. The program has flexible settings, so the user can customize to your taste toolbar and the viewing area of the document itself. It also provides the ability to import and export settings, which further simplifies the work in it. To convenient to work with PDF documents can be PDF-XChange Viewer free download, as the developers added its powerful functionality and lots of options.


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