mIRC Messenger Download For Windows XP/ 7/ 8

mIRC – one of the best and most popular IRC-client, designed to communicate over the network. IRC – acronym for Internet Relay Chat, ie failure is a network in which people can communicate through text messages in real time. The client was established in 1995, Khaled Mardi Bey. The client runs on all popular Windows and supports multiple languages​​. Of course, in our country a better download mIRC in Russian, it is more convenient to chat with friends, and configure the client to control its operation. This service offers much more opportunities for communication, rather than the other popular instant messengers including Windows Live Messenger.

To start a chat in mIRC, you must select a server and connect to it. Usually the servers in the client configured by default, but they are now set in the network, so you can easily change the server. Thanks to many different servers, there are many different groups of mIRC. Select a server, the user can view a list of available channels. mIRC channels – a unique community of users collected on certain principles. So there are channels of individual cities, football fans, or other sports, fans of anime and many others.

The channels in the common interests of people eaten, so the communication is very lively and fun. Here you can chat with multiple users, among whom may be strangers. If you want to chat with someone face to face, you can always go with him to a private dialog box or simply – in private. Here you can easily communicate with one person, without fear that someone might see the correspondence. Communicating and channels, and in private, you can dilute the text messages funny emoticons and pictures.

Among the main advantages of mIRC include flexible configuration practically everything. Here you can change the layout, tools vary servers and channels edit list, register nicknames and much more. You can also create your own channel, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. On channels there is a clear hierarchy of administrators at various levels. This allows you to monitor the operation of the channel, as well as to keep order and prevent spam and flood. In mIRC also provided plenty of bots that can establish everyone if they have the appropriate channel on the right. Bots can have different functions, ranging from conducting various games, passing out and ending bans for profanity.


Fairly well developed in the client and mIRC-scripting, so everyone can actually “append” functionality of the client. With the help of mIRC-codes can decorate text messages to prescribe certain actions (answer certain phrases to appeal to a nick on a channel or in private, kick or ban the user when entering the channel, etc.). In the client also be possible to transfer files. In the program window displays itself dialog box appears, and a list of all users that are present on the channel with the designation of their rights on the channel.


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