How To Migrate From Android To iOS (Guide)

If you've always been user of Android , but has decided to change and you bought a iPhone , you may now find yourself a bit lost. How to change? How to move all the data that you have on your new Android phone? Now that smartphones are a little our lives, know how this migration quickly it will save many headaches. In we explain how to migrate from Android to iOS.

How To Migrate From Android To iOS Step By Step:

1. Mail, Contacts and Calendars

If you use the most common email providers (Google, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.), you can do so in your new iOS device. Just go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, calend> Add account. Once there, choose the supplier, enter your account data, and everything magically happen to iPhone. If you had contacts stored on your Android, download the app Copy My Data , which will guide you through the process of change.

2. Photos and videos

If you want all those photographs and videos that you now have in your pass to your iOS Android, you can easily do so using a data transfer app. Go to the App Store, looking Copy My Data and install it. Follow the steps that tells you the application. When finished, go to Photos> Albums and find all your images.

3. Music

To move to the iPhone the music files you have stored on your Android device, you can use a computer with iTunes . Connect your Android to your computer, locate the folder where the music and copy on the hard disk of the computer is. Then open iTunes, go to File> Add to Library and select the folder you just created. Go iPhone> Music, select whether you want the entire library or synchronize some songs ... and ready.

4. Office Documents

In your new iOS device can also open and edit Office documents type you had in Android. First of all, installed on the iPhone apps Pages (equivalent to Word) Numbers (equivalent to Excel) and Keynote (equivalent to Powerpoint). In all, Settings, select Use iCloud. Android copy files to your computer (as in the previous step will be in Documents), and still on the computer, open the browser . Select the app you need, for text Pages, Numbers for spreadsheets, Keynote for presentations, and drag the files there. They are synchronized with your iPhone.

5. Books and PDFs

If you used your Android to read and want to do so in your iOS or simply have enough PDF documents you want to transfer, you can do similar to what music Connects the Android computer, locate the files (usually in Documents) and copy them to your computer. Then go to iTunes> Books or iBooks> List if you're on a Mac and drag around documents. From iTunes on your computer, click iPhone, Sync Books Books and brand. For books in Kindle , Nook or Google Play Books, you just have to download these apps on the iPhone, log in and regain access.

6. Apps

This is the most simple and does not need the old Android at all: go to the App Store and iPhone apps searches you like. Chances are they are and if there is any iOS version, you'll have some equivalent.


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