How To Make Your iPhone Work Faster

Operating system of this smartphone is already optimized to work at peak performance, but with a series of gestures get you optimize it further. As you're adding applications and when space becomes scarce, it is possible that your iPhone begins to slow. In Youth Plus India we explain a number of tips about how to make iPhone  go faster.

How To Make Your iPhone Work Faster

How To Make Your iPhone Work Faster Instructions:

1.The first recommendation on how to make go faster iPhone has to do with the smartphone storage. If you have to stop, it's time to go keeping your photos or videos on a computer or an external hard drive to free up gigabytes on your mobile phone and prevent this from being a problem in that slow your iPhone . If you go to Settings, General, Usage, you can control how much space you have dealt with your mobile and what programs are being used more space.

2.The other advice on how to make iPhone go faster has to do with an entirely different aspect: the Internet This smartphone includes the concept of updates in the background, so if you have activated the mobile download updates. without you noticing, which could slow the operation. You can change this setting in Settings, General, Update in the background. In any case, you will see that you have the choice to discriminate between different applications, so you can allow only certain apps are updated in this way.

3.Another setting that you can modify to gain speed in your iPhone is the automatic application downloads or books you've purchased on other devices with your Apple id . If you have enabled automatic downloads of Music, Apps, Books and Updates you've done, for example, with your iPad, there will be times when the phone goes really slow. If you deactivate it, you can manually control when to these downloads. You must go to Settings and iTunes Store and App Store to make the change.

4.As you know, one of the new operating system iOS7 animations were icons. It's a very attractive effect but helps speed subtract your mobile so that you can do is disable these animations. To do this, you must go to Settings, General and Accessibility. There, you need to activate the option to reduce movement. You have to know that this feature was somewhat controversial at the time because some users complained that caused dizziness.

5.Good maintenance of the hardware on your mobile phone will also help make iPhone go faster. Thus, it is important to follow the recommendations of Apple and not yourselves to very high temperatures, preventing you from the sun directly, for example, when you go to the beach. You'll also want to protect him in high humidity conditions, putting a protective cover.

6.In the event that your iPhone will especially slow and none of the previous recommendations made ​​you gain speed, there is probably a problem with some application you installed. We recommend that you back up, if you do not, and restore the phone. Yes, you will lose all your pictures, music and settings and your phone will be like new bought. If you do not know how, you want to read this article where we explain How To Reset Your iPhone.

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