How To Know If An iPhone Is Locked Before Purchasing

Every time a new iPhone comes out two things happen: Apple fans make endless queues for being one of the first to get this terminal and others take this opportunity to buy iPhones from previous versions (mostly second hand) which normally decline price radically

Just above the latter will try in this article. And it is to buy a second hand iPhone has its risks as it has been blocked by theft or that is not released for use by any operator (and just not the one you are using).

Usually one learns these things when you have already bought the team and becomes cumbersome or impossible to contact the seller to ask for a refund.

That’s why I give you a tip for you to know if an iPhone is unlocked before you buy.

How to know if an iPhone is locked before purchasing?

It’s actually simpler than it looks. For this we have to do is go to this link on the iCloud website .

Then we must place (as you can see in the picture) the IMEI of the iPhone that you buy and the CAPTCHA code.


To check of the iPhone that you buy must enter the option “Settings” and then “Information”. There the IMEI will appear.


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