iPhone 6 Plus Bending In Pocket (#BendGate)

Incredibly not long ago the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6  Plus  and we have bug reports, especially the iPhone 6 Plus, now with a rather surprising mistake while quite annoying: the iPhone 6 plus doubles for an ‘easy “something that has already become a viral web phenomenon called #BendGate

Why iPhone 6 Plus is Bending?

For some time the aluminum in the manufacturing of mobile devices include, but like everything has its cons, flex resistance and make it quite tricky. One of the first cases that came in Apple with this issue was with the iPhone 5,  first manufactured in aluminum iPhone, even with iPhone 5s . And now the story continues to repeat the iPhone 6 Plus   it because of its size and its thickness was slightly more likely that this happened because the hardness of aluminum is not enough for a certain amount of weight that is added to them, which causes these devices lose their original properties and as we see in the picture below.


The most common disadvantages of aluminum housings are its delicate surface friction with objects that degrade their status, causing many visible imperfections, and this has happened to us since the iPhone 5 on the sides that are chopped or scratches that looks pretty Notable aluminum.

Now the problem that afflicts us is its bending strength and therefore to be thin aluminum leaves no room for alloys that give better resistance, causing the device to take other forms with the application of force on them unlike the plastic more resistant to the device when its bending, and nonconformity is that aluminum loses its properties and a time taken otherwise difficult to return to its original state.

With the background of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S  many users have had this problem when sitting on your device or have it in a fairly tight pants, which caused the new device curve. Actually this problem has occurred at a fairly low percentage of users of Apple although  we are now waiting to see if this will happen with all six iDevice or just some iPhone 6 Plus .

You can see in this video how its bending:

Of the known so far with the launch of the cases iPhone 6 Plus there have been several who have had this problem but so far very few cases have been recorded and we would expect to continue the distribution of iPhone 6 Plus to see that so many users are still affected with this problem or #BendGate

In this case the key of a user after purchasing your iPhone 6 Plus and be using, has realized that to have it in his pants pocket the iPhone  has taken a different form to its original state as we see it in video and images.


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