How To Install SwiftKey And Other Custom Keyboards On iOS 8

Apple has always been known to exert a tighter policy interface on devices and systems it manufactures. Both Mac OS X and the iOS does not allow many customization options, covering the maximum possible functionality with features and functions themselves.

So everyone was very surprised to see that one of the new features of iOS 8 would be the installation and exchange of virtual keyboards. For the first time you can install the iOS apps like SwiftKey, which was previously restricted to Android and now you can finally offer its versatile typing functions for the Cupertino system.
But how to install SwiftKey on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 8? The following statements were made using an iPad as an example, but they are very similar to the iPhone running iOS 8.

Step 01
First of all, go to the App Store and download the SwiftKey , which is complimentary. Wait for the installation of the application.

Step 02
In the iPad settings, go to “General” menu, slide the right of the screen down and find the “Keyboard” option. Tap this option.

Step 03
On the next screen, tap “Add New Keyboard“:

Step 04
Will appear a pop-up in the middle of the screen and it will be the “third-party keyboards.” Touch the “SwiftKey” available in this section to replace the standard keyboard of iOS installed the new keyboard.

Step 05
Now try to type in any available field. The standard iOS keyboard 8 will still appear. Press the button with the globe icon, choose the SwiftKey and it will kick in, offering their great features like swipe typing (sliding your finger between the keys to form words), text prediction, auto-correction based on usage history and themes to modify the look of the virtual keyboard.

This same procedure allows the installation and use of other keyboard applications that will certainly be available in the App Store with over time. Just download and follow the instructions and you can take advantage of new ways to create text on your iPhone or iPad.

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