How To Install Emoji On iPhone 6, 5, 4s And 4

Sure, when you use the Whatsapp or another instant messaging tools using emoticons, the most popular in the gallery of emoticons emoji , these wonderful cartoons are great. iPhone Users continually used to save words and to emphasize their conversations. With the latest operating system for Apple mobile devices, iOS has increased its number. In Youth Pplus India we explain you how to install Emoji on iPhone 6, 5, 4s and 4.

How To Install Emoji On iPhone 6, 5, 4s And 4

The first thing to do to install emoji just click on Settings> Keyboard> International Keyboards.  As you’re able see within the Image, if you will have got it in English Settings> Keyboard> International Keyboards.

Step1.just click on Settings Keyboard

Then you should add a new keyboard, you’ll see here are the languages ??you have set up your iPhone.

Step2.Add a new keyboard

Search for language “emoji” and click on it! Almost you have installed the emoji icons on your iPhone. You need very little.

Step3.Search for language emoji and click on it

Whenever you go to write down along with your keyboard you will see an icon shaped balloon, if you click there you can enter the emoticon wherever you want .

Step4.enter the emoticon wherever you want

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