How To Install Custom Keyboards On iOS 8 – iPhone And iPad

As we have seen, one of the novelties of the newly released version of iOS 8 is the ability to install third-party keyboards to use them throughout the system and in all applications. We see a brief guide that will help you understand how to install and activate these keyboards.

The new operating system has just been released and the new keyboards will come very soon in the AppStore, you install it as a normal application. Will be downloaded from the AppStore application on the home screen of the iPhone and just open it to take effect installation to activate it instead of following we provide a brief guide:

How To Install Custom Keyboards On iOS 8

  1. Go to General -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard
  2. Immediately after the list of keyboards installed you will find the “Keyboards third-party”
  3. Depending on the keyboard installed just open the Keyboard application you downloaded to select the language, the graphic theme and other settings.


Of course you can install multiple keyboards to third parties and therefore you can switch from one keyboard to another very easily, in fact, just hold down the button that is normally used to switch emoji keyboard or to select the language.

The keyboards on iOS have full access to what you write, and of course Apple has decided that as you type the password will always use the system keyboard in order to protect privacy.

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