Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Successfully Completes Crucial Engine Test Firing

NEW DELHI: ISRO's Mars Orbiter or Mission (MoM) on Monday effectively completed the 4th trajectory correction manoeuvre and test fire from the primary liquid engine around the spacecraft.

"Primary Liquid Engine test firing on Mars orbiter spacecraft effective: We'd perfect burn for 4 seconds as designed. The trajectory continues to be corrected. Mars Orbiter Mission will proceed using the normal arrange for Mars Orbit Insertion," stated ISRO. "#MarsOrbiter Primary Liquid Engine test firing success",tweeted ISRO.

It was among the greatest tests of the complicated project. The exam required switching around the engine that's been laying dormant for 10 months, and firing it for four seconds to decelerate the spacecraft.


Now, the ISRO will fire the engine for an extended duration 2 days later and ease the spacecraft into an orbit around Mars. The 440N liquid engine was last fired on December 1 to slingshot the spacecraft from an Earth orbit towards the Martian trajectory. The spacecraft authorization com ..

India is placed to create history, because of its maiden Mars Orbiter Mission! After being released from ISRO's spaceport of Sriharikota on November 5 this past year, the Mother had left Earth's orbit on December 1 and started its historic voyage to place India among the list of elite nations, that has sent a pursuit to Mars.

Cruising towards its historic rendezvous using the red-colored planet, the Mother is scheduled for Orbit Insertion on September 24.


Earlier today, the MoM joined the Mars Gravitational. The Mars mission, as planned by ISRO, would be a sophisticated exercise. In comparison with other Mars missions, ISRO were built with a more compact rocket and payload. This reduced the price considerably but elevated the mission's complexity. Other Mars missions aren't planned by doing this.

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