India Makes History By Successfully Launching Isro’s Mars Mission

India produced history on today i.e on Wednesday 24th Sept. 2014, becoming the very first country to effectively obtain a spacecraft in to the Martian orbit on its maiden attempt.

Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter Mission (Mother) spacecraft began revolving about the red-colored planet at 7.47am, however it was just 12 minutes later -due to a period delay in radio signals traveling the 680 million km — that researchers at Isro Telemetry, Monitoring and Command Network in Bangalore, could erupt in pleasure as Pm Narendra Modi was a contented witness.

For more often than not the primary engine was firing – 20 from the 24 crucial minutes – MoM was hiding behind Mars, contributing to the suspense.


The researchers had anxiously waited in excess of 300 days as MoM visited on through space, however the last 54 minutes were virtually intolerable. For, it had been throughout this era the orbiter first reoriented itself after which fired its engine and thrusters for around 24 minutes to get involved with the Mars orbit.

For the action in the ground station, there is very little the researchers needed to do. Greater than ten days ago, they’d uplinked all of the instructions for that manoeuvres towards the spacecraft. MoM, as an obedient child, transported them out perfectly.

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