How To Upload Photos To Pinterest

Pinterest is the revolution in social networking has reached the fourth place in the social media ranking. The magic of Pinterest is that everything is shared visually and has become the passion of designers, stylists, decorators and lovers of good taste. In youthplusindia know that learning how to upload photos to Pinterest is essential for you to share your passion with the rest Are you ready / a?

How To Upload Photos To Pinterest Step by Step

1. If you know how Pinterest works, go into your Pinterest account and access to the main panel where appear boards (boards or corks) we will create from now. Know that they can be composed of pictures own (you may have made ​​you) or photographs from other sources (users who upload material that interest you resolved)

2. To upload photos to Pinterest keep in mind that they must always be included in a board that we have already created or create at the same time. That is, each photo will be placed on a board.

Click on Create a board and complimentary data that you request the popup.

We give a “name” to the board, write a brief “description”, select a “category” and choose if you want a map or that this board is secret, that is, that we only see the creator. Finally, we give Creating Board .

3. The next step is to create a ” Pin “meaning a photograph in our cork or board. Click on Add a Pin .

4. Arrivals / as to this point we have two options: upload an image via the Internet (“Internet”) or insert an image from your computer (“Your device”).

Let’s start by learning how to upload photos to Pinterest from your PC. Click in Your Device and waited until the file browser window opens. We specify where is the image we want to go up and accept. In the new screen, put a description to photography and press Pinit .

5. Now you can see how your dashboard you have the picture you have chosen your computer. You have already uploaded your first picture with Pinterest !

6. The other option to upload photos to Pinterest is to attach from the Internet. To do this, click Internet. Where it Add a Pin from a website address or paste the URL you previously copied to the image you have chosen is. Click on Next .

7. Pinterest select all the images recognized in the same direction. Therefore, choose from that picture you intended all up to your board and hit PINIT .

8. In conclusion, writes in describing the name you want to give this image and click Pinit .

Congratulations! From now try to create amazing collections and share with the world what you actually like.


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