How To Upload A PDF To Facebook

Facebook has become a very important tool in our lives. It is the place where we keep abreast of the lives of our friends, we share interesting information, photos or how we feel, becoming almost a must for us. Did you know that as well as links you can also share files? If, for example, a pdf that you’d like to share some contacts, you can. In tell you how to upload a PDF to Facebook.

How To Upload A PDF To Facebook Step By Step:

1. Facebook lets you upload PDF files directly only in Facebook groups . To do so, go to the group you want to upload the PDF and in the field of publication, click on “File”.

2. Facebook will ask from where to upload the file, whether from your computer or from Dropbox . Select the appropriate option.

3. If you select Dropbox have to accept the union of the application with Facebook. Then, just as if you select your PC, you can choose the PDF file you want to upload in a popup window and click Open. Then click ” Post “for the PDF file is published.

4. If you want to upload a PDF file to your timeline or a Facebook page , you’ll take a more indirect way. First, upload the file to the cloud, for example Dropbox. On Facebook you no longer have to share the link to the file. Users into clicking on it will go into service in the chosen cloud, where you can download the file.


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