How To Set An Alarm On iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4s, 4

The means to set alarms on the iPhone come pre-installed with the Clock application. Unlike digital watches, the watch provides a simple way to set an alarm time and specify its repeatability and sound. Even remembered the purpose of his alarm. Note, however, that the alarm clock is set for weekdays and not, for specific dates. To set an alarm for a particular day or event, such as a doctor’s appointment or within one project, add a calendar event and link it to an alert sound.


How To Set An Alarm On iPhone Instructions

1. Click the “Clock” icon on the home screen. Select ” Alarm “at the bottom of the screen, and then click the” plus “sign in the upper right to add an alarm.

2. Select the “Repeat” option to set the alarm to work for several days, if necessary. Click to put a checkmark next to each day of the week you would like to be notified; for example, “Every Wednesday”, “every Monday”. Then click “Back” on the top left to continue editing your alarm.

3. Select the “Sound” option to configure what you hear when the alarm goes off. You can listen to samples of each sound before finalizing your choice. While you are at it, adjust the volume of your iPhone. Adjust the volume loud enough to hear the alarm from inside a bag through a room or other specific distance. If you just want a visual and hearing nothing, select “None” in the bottom of the palette of sounds. After selecting the alarm sound, press “Back” to continue editing your alarm.

4. Change the “Snooze” to “On” if you want to be able to touch a “Snooze” button when the alarm is triggered. This allows the alarm to be repeated in 10 minutes. When you are willing to stand up, turn off the alarm by pressing “OK” or pressing the sleep / wake your iPhone instead of the button “Snooze” button.

5. Name your alarm . Touch the “x” at the end of the text field to eliminate the default description and enter a new one. Because this tag flashes on the screen to remind you what the alarm is, name it significantly. For example, type “get up!” or “go to the gym.” Tap “Done” on your keyboard when you are finished.

6. Spin the wheels of the hour, minute, and AM-PM to set your alarm time . Then click “Save” in the top right. Now you will see the alarm appear on the homepage alarm.

7. Select “Edit” on the top left to make changes to your alarm. To check your settings, press the small arrow to the right. To remove the alarm completely, press the red “minus” sign to the left.

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