How To Send Or Share GPS Location With iMessage in iOS 8 – iPhone And iPad

Easily share your location from the iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 or higher from iMessage

Sometimes we need to share our current location with friends or family, in fact sometimes you might want to know always know where they are, as in the case of children. Before the arrival of  iOS 8 the only way we had to share the location was across the Maps application, which allowed sending such information, although not permanently. It is now possible to share location information specifically and continuous location with anyone else also using iMessage .

First, in order to use this service you must have location services on the device. For this we simply have to go to:

  • Settings > Privacy > Location .

In the case where you do not perform the activation of location services, that we displayed a message requesting permission for activation when the message we want to send our location.


Sharing Your Current Location Via iMessage

To send our location to any of our contacts available through iMessage just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Messages application on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher.
  2. Click on the conversation of the contact you want to send your location. That may be an individual person or a group of users, as long as everyone is using iMessage.
  3. Now click on Details , available in the upper right corner.
  4. Then select the option to  Send my current location .

At this point both the iPhone and the iPad, we will locate and instantly send our location the user or user group.

Sharing The Location For A Limited Time With iMessage

Another feature available in sharing our location or location with others through iMessage is to allow these to see our location for a limited time. For this we need;

  1. Open the messages application  from the iPhone or iPad with iOS 8 or higher.
  2. Click on the user or group of users who want to see our location for a limited time.
  3. Let’s  details available in the upper right corner.
  4. Now select  Share my location .
  5. At this point we can choose how long you want to share our location, this can be: For an hour , all day or indefinitely .

Thus we can easily share via iMessage location or location with other users who have iMessage.

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