How To Send Audio Messages In iOS 8 – iPhone & iPad

iOS 8 has brought many innovations to our iPhones and iPad (and some more that are coming now with the updated iOS 8.1 ) and including today include the ability to send audio messages from the Messages app. We are not just talking of a world revolution however, as always with the apple company,  Apple has put his stamp on this new feature.

Send Audio Messages To iOS 8

On numerous occasions to send a short audio message can be more convenient and faster to write the same message with the keyboard, especially in certain situations. Also, for everyone knows that the phones today are used less each day to that for which they were created, talk, and sometimes we can also avoid a long phone conversation with a simple audio message.

Apple  has added to  iOS 8 extremely simple way to send audio messages through the native Messages app.

To  send an audio message on iOS in 8  through messages just hold the little microphone next to the text box to start recording. When you're done "dictate" message, release your finger and recording stops.

But the best part comes now. When you do the above a radial menu appears with three options: "play" (replacing the microphone icon under your finger), post, at the top, and an "X" on the left side to clear. You can  send or delete the audio message without lifting a finger ; when you finish talking slides up and release to send, or slide to the left and release to delete.

If you prefer before hearing the message, when done talking lift your finger and see the "play" button. Click and listen and then slides up or left to send or delete respectively.


Also, these  audio messages on iOS 8 automatically deleted . When you see the message sent under the same status indication ("Sent") and some blue letters that say "Save". If you click on them keeping messages if you do not automatically deleted in a couple of minutes. The same applies to an audio message received.

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