How To Save Battery On My iPhone – iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, 5 or 4s

The 3rd generation smartphones such as the iPhone have many features: gps, apps, email, etc. But this multiplicity of features enables the phone to infinite possibilities, but needs to be always around the plug. The average battery life of the iPhone is one day but saving measures battery can double the duration. Following are some guidelines to  save battery with an iPhone .


How To Save Battery On My iPhone Instructions:

  1. Choosing the correct network protocol. 's not the same surf the 2G network data, to do it for GPRS. It even consume even more if the 3G network protocol used in some areas 3G coverage can be poor and not worth it to have it activated. If your phone allows it, then clear it is convenient to use the GSM or GPRS network by default.
  2. The wifi uses more battery, it is recommended that when a wifi network is, you connect to the network, you download everything you need to download and you get back to close the wifi, this will help you save battery life on your iPhone .
  3. No use, insofar as possible, the  Bluetooth is already the largest consumer device iPhone battery . This type of wireless connectivity is only useful for move files to another user.
  4. All applications or functionalists related to geolocation consume much battery.
  5. The instant messaging, type: whatsapp, ebuddy, messenger, etc. consume enough battery, as far as possible use streamlines
  6. Make checking email via a web service . The type "push mail" service periodically downloading mail that comes to the website user's service, have a high energy consumption. That it is much better to turn off or even set the discharge period in several hours.
  7. The screen always off . Whenever you finish using your iPhone turns off the display to consume less.
  8. Reduce screen brightness is not necessary to use the maximum contrast for reading correctly your iPhone.
  9. Regular sound . It is not always necessary to have a really higher volume. A discussion halftone, if you should be in a peaceful spot, much less contorted sound as well as saves battery.
  10. Avoid vibration modes . They can be useful in meetings or in films, but they are an important usage if the phone rings.

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