How To Restore A Backup From iCloud On iPhone

Whenever you have enabled the possibility that Apple offers for the regular backups of your iPhone to iCloud , whenever you want can restore that backup to your phone. This is a very useful measure because, in order to have a wifi connection, you’ll get your copy anywhere, without relying on any local computer where the data resides. In we explain how to restore a backup from iCloud on iPhone.

How To Restore A Backup From iCloud On iPhone Step By Step:

1. The requirements necessary to perform this operation are:

Having a backup of your iPhone to iCloud.
Have a wi-fi connection for your phone to connect to Internet.

2. Apple also recommends that you upgrade your iPhone to the latest operating system before restoring iCloud backup . To do this, you must go to Settings, General and Software Update. There, the system will prompt you whether or not there are any newer version of the operating system of your device has at the time.

The reason for this action is that you can not restore a backup made on a device with the most advanced operating system that would restore the copy. IPhone updated to the latest version you ensure this will not happen.

3. The next step in the process is to delete the entire contents of your iPhone . To do this, you must go to Settings, General, Reset. In this section, you must click on the option Erase All Content and Settings.

4. Now that is no longer added data or applications or settings on your phone, you must follow the steps that tells the Setup Wizard . Tap Set up your device, backup and restore, then enter your login data in iCloud.

5. Now touch you choose which backup you want to restore, in case there is more than one. Before starting the process to restore a backup from iCloud on iPhone is desirable that look how many backups you have and what you’re interested restore.

This data is get in Settings, iCloud, Storage and Manage Storage. At the top, you will find a list of your devices that have backups on your iCloud account.

6. Once you click on the iCloud backup you want to restore your iPhone an automatic process whose duration varies depending on the volume of data that will be reset and start it.


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