How To Mute iPod Touch And iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5, 4S

The mute function is very useful for iPhone , especially when we go to the movies, we visited a hospital or in a meeting, among other situations. Muting the iPhone is very easy, In Youth Plus India will explain how to do it and how to activate and deactivate the vibration of your phone while you have it in silence.


How To Mute Instructions

1. On the side of the iPhone you’ll notice a tab as image. Depending on the model of iPhone you have the design will vary a bit, but in all iPhones you will find in the same place.

On the side

2. Move the tab and you will see an orange color hovering . That means your phone is silent. For safety, observe the display of your mobile phone mute symbol appears.

Move the tab

3. To turn the vibration mode of the iPhone, we’ll go to Settings> Sounds .

vibration mode

4. Once inside the option of ‘Sounds’, you will see the option to ‘Vibration’ and from there it can turn the phone vibration.


5. And that’s it! To restore the sound to the iPhone just press the tab again . We hope that this feature will prove useful.

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