How To Know If You’ve Been Blocked On WhatsApp?

Some Factors Can Help You Know If You Have Locked In WhatsApp

WhatsApp service is the most famous instant messaging is currently available for various mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. The issue is that this application increasingly allows us to do more, the most basic is the ability to block contacts on WhatsApp , a very simple task that can be done in a few steps and you probably already know how to do, but possibly suspect whom have blocked it’s you, so we’ll tell you the factors that will help you know if you have locked in WhatsApp .


Different Factors Simultaneously Help Us to know if we have been locked in WhatsApp

Wanting to know if we have locked WhatsApp is a question that many users make quite often is that in most cases these often attributed the lack of response to your contacts to a service failure of the platform or that the person who should receive the message is not pending device to respond in time.

However there are some factors that if all exist at the same time, can help us to know if we have been blocked by any of our contacts in WhatsApp to send and receive messages. Let’s look at what these f actors that help us know if you have been blocked in WhatsApp.


Want To Know If A Contact Has Blocked You On WhatsApp?

Simply open the chat window contact which we believe has blocked us; just below the name of this should be the last time you were online within the application appear, if nothing appears and we see only the contact name is one of the symptoms that has blocked us. Recall that if the only thing you can not see is the last connection is because contact disable the option to show the last time online .

On the other hand, keep in mind that even though a contact has blocked us us if you can send messages and they appear to us in the chat window as sent with a stick, but the second stick, which is indicative that the user has received the message, it will not appear at any time.

Another thing you can not see when a user has blocked you is when is ” online “or not. Plus they not the latest status updates you make your contact or even if it does change your profile picture will be displayed, you will see neither.

Remember that in the event that’s you who has locked to one of your contacts, you’ll never send you messages, at least until you unlock the contact.

There Is A Feature That Does Not Affect The Blocking Contact WhatsApp

There are many users who often ask if a contact is blocked it disappears from your list of contacts in WhatsApp, however this is a function that blocking contacts are not affected, ie all contacts you block it will always remain in your WhatsApp contact list, in addition, they may also keep seeing in their WhatsApp contact lists. So, to delete a contact on WhatsApp, you must delete the contact from our list of contacts from your device.

It is also important to note that, if you ever decide to unblock a contact, all messages sent you this while you were locked not receive.

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