How To Improve Speed Or Connection Problems In Safari For iPhone

Possibly some times, while surfing the Internet via Safari on your iPhone, you have seen navigation does not work as well as expected, in some cases to become a rather poor browsing experience. If you want to improve navigation on the internet with Safari on iOS8, then do not miss the possible solutions that leave you then.

Guide to troubleshoot connection speed or Safari for iOS

If using Safari feel that the experience of navigation and page loading is slow, we always have the possibility to make some changes to try to resolve such problems with Safari for iOS . However, how to solve these problems requires a few simple changes or modifications to the settings of the device which we explain step by step.

1. Open Settings iPhone.
2. Select the application  Safari  menu.
3. Once inside scroll down and select Clear history and data from websites .
4. Now click on Clear History and data in the popup window that appears.

At this point we just have to reopen Safari and then check if the browsing experience has improved. In some cases just simply delete history data if you are using a lot of iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to navigate.


You can also disable the JavaScript to enhance navigation in Safari for iPhone

If you are not satisfied with the results to delete the browsing history in Safari on the iPhone , you can always disable browser JavaScript. For this we simply:

1. Go to Settings iPhone.
2. Then the new menu, we have to open Safari .
3. Then we drove all the way down and click on Advanced .
4. At this point we have to disable JavaScript option.

It is important to note that the option to disable the JavaScript may not be necessary for many users , although this option can solve the problems of slow iPhone, Safari web browser, may appear next. Also, the fact disable Javascript can make some elements of the websites will not function properly in the event that you encounter such problems will require re-enable them to fix it.

This tutorial to troubleshoot browsing speed or connection from Safari on iPhone is also valid for all Apple iOS devices (iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch).

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