How To Improve Privacy Of iPhone With iOS 8

With the arrival of  iOS 8 , the latest version of the mobile operating system from Apple for iPhone and iPad, we have seen how they got new features that are related mainly to the location as well as new privacy options, allowing users both limit the time that data is stored, as set expiration features for messages and private browsing. For this reason, then we may see  that we must take measures to improve privacy iPhone with iOS 8 .

Then we leave you with these essential adjustments to improve the privacy of iPhone with iOS 8 these are valid for any user, regardless of whether you're an expert on iOS, as if this is the first time you use an iPhone.

Limits tracing your location in the background by the application

Some of the  applications  that are available through the App Store, when installed, will request permission to use your location in the background, even when you are not using the app actively. In case you see a message regarding the location, means that the application you want to install continue to use your location. Will see these messages in the form of popups and other notifications from the app, depending on where you are.

To improve privacy, simply select "Do not Allow" when you visualize the messages asking permission to track your location in the background . You probably need to do this several times, for each app you install and you have this functionality. Remember that if you ever came not change this setting through the messages displayed, you can always change these settings through the device settings.

Prevents apps can upload your data

Email, calendar and photos are just some of the personal data that we usually keep our iPhone. Some apps request permission to access these types of personal data at their convenience , an example of this is when Twitter tells us that a contact has joined the social network.

However, in many cases these applications load our contact lists on their servers. This can drastically invade our privacy, to avoid this, we simply:

Go to Settings > Privacy .
Then select each application, such as: Contacts .
Choose which apps are third parties that want to grant access.

This task could take a while if we have many applications granted access to your contacts and other personal data. It is important to note that disable the service does not mean that the data have been uploaded will be deleted from the app servers, for this would need to contact the developer of the app.

Enable "Find My iPhone" for lost or stolen devices

If you lose your iPhone or iPad, you can usually find them again with Find My iPhone . With this application we can see on a map where the device, of course, this is a very useful functionality. To activate just have to:

Go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone .
At this point you will have to verify that this option is enabled.
If they are not, you may need to type the device password to authorize it.

In addition, you can also select to Send last location , this option gives permits the device to send the last location of it when there is less than 1 percent battery or when you are about to go out.

Allow iMessage messages expire over time

One of the new features introduced by Apple in iOS 8 is the ability to send voice messages and video via iMessage. These messages can be stored on the device indefinitely, something that is not a problem, at least until the time when the iPhone is lost and is not set security options correctly, so that anyone can navigate between posts and you can see or hear all saved conversations.

To reduce the time iMessage data stored on the device , we simply:

Go to Settings  > Messages > Message History >  Save message .
At this point can select the time you want to keep your messages, you can choose between: 30 days , 1 year and always .

As we did with the messages, we can also do the same with the audio messages and video messages through the section Expiration where we can choose between: Never and After 2 minutes .

Avoid sharing your location with others

Although this is a very useful feature, in the moment when you're in a busy place sharing the location can be a little counterproductive . If you want to change this, we must simply go to Settings > Privacy > Location  > Share my location .

In this section we will deactivate. In addition, we can also decide whether to share the location from other devices that are connected to our iCloud account.

IPhone avoid tracking based on the location

Some of the services iOS 8 operating system we find the ability to track the location , this way we could alerts with location-based deals. This feature can not only affect the battery life, but also allow tracking our location by the applications and services of third parties are involved.

This option can be changed via  Settings > Privacy > Location  > System Services and here we can select which services you have access to the location.

It is advisable to keep the location enabled in Find My iPhone . However, other services like Spotlight for better search results are usually better than advertising services based on location. Similarly it's a matter of what each of these we will deactivate.

How To Improve Privacy Of iPhone With iOS 8

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