How To Disable The Firewall In Mac

Have the firewall enabled on your computer is generally the best thing to protect your computer from incoming traffic from the network that is unwanted . The problem is that sometimes stops inbound traffic or data that are not harmful or who for whatever you want to enter. How often have you had problems with programs downloads? The firewall, which only seeks to protect, may be responsible. Do you have a Mac and want to end the blockade? In tell you how to disable the firewall in Mac.

How To Disable The Firewall In Mac Step By Step

1. To disable the firewall on your Mac will have to change the security settings of your computer. The first step, therefore, is to go to System Preferences> Security and privacy.

2. Once there, you will see four tabs at the top of the window: General, FileVault, Firewall and Privacy. The one you want is the third, Firewall, so click on it to access its specific configuration.

3. Mac prevent default make changes to the privacy and security settings, so you can not change something by mistake. To make changes, click the padlock that appears in the lower left corner and enter the machine password when you ask for it.

4. Inside the Firewall tab you’ll notice a green light, and a text telling you that today the protection is enabled. To the right is a button that says ” Disable firewall “. Click on it.

5. The Firewall status will change to “Off” and the green light will turn gray. From now on, the equipment will allow all incoming connections to your computer.


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